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“Autobiographical Reflections as a Schooling in Karma” (1990)

“Money, Sex, and Power: Spirituality, Shadow, and Wonder” (1997)

Enneads Meet at Esalen (2007)

Invocation to Sophia (2009, revised 2013)

Lineage and Legacy: My Intellectual Journey (2011)

A Karmic Autobiography (2013)


Inaugural Address: Hope for a Renewing Community (1991)

Integralism Today (1993)

India: In Debt to Great Souls (1996)

Emersonian Higher Education and CIIS (2007)

CIIS Commencement Benediction (2009)

Emerson, An Artist in the Medium of Theory (1961)

American Thought

Emerson in Contemporary Thought (1961)

The Spiritual Mission of America (1993)

National Identity, from The Encyclopedia of American Philosophy (2006)

Philosophy, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion:

In Search of a Creative Christianity (1961)

Religion as an Academic Discipline (1968)

The Religion Game: Some Family Resemblances (1970)

Encyclopedia of Religion: Monism (1986)

Philosophy as Spiritual Discipline (1989)

From Mysticism to Modern Spiritual Cognition (1989)

Philosophy and the Evolution of Consciousness (1992)

Curing Philosophy, Philosophy as Cure (1993)

Esoteric Philosophy (1993)

What Ever Happened to Esoteric? A Challenge to Swedenborgians and Others from the Esoteric Tradition (1994)

The Need for Philosophical and Spiritual Dialogue: Reflections on Ken Wilber’s “Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality” (1996)

Foreword to The Living Classroom by Christopher Bache (2007)

Participation Comes of Age from The Participatory Turn (2008)

Wisdom in Western Philosophy (2011)

India, Hinduism, Gandhi, and Sri Aurobindo:

Radhakrishnan, an introduction (1970)

The Legacy of Sri Aurobindo (1972)

Sri Aurobindo: An Integrated Theory of Individual and Historical Transformation

Indian Spirituality in the West: a Biographical Mapping (1975)

Imagining the Spiritual Mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (1988)

Introduction to Sri Aurobindo: The Mind of Light (2003)


The Absolute as a Heuristic Device: Josiah Royce and Sri Aurobindo (1978)

Introduction to Rudolf Steiner and American Thought (1991)

William James and Rudolf Steiner (1991)

From Transpersonalism to Transcendentalism (1992)

Anthroposophical and Transpersonal Worldviews (2000)

Karma, Biography, and Rebirth Bibliography (2013)


Encyclopedia of Religion: Anthroposophy (1986)

Cultural Diversity and Waldorf Education (1991)

Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy (1992)

The Bell Ringing Verse (1997)

According to Luke (2001)

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion

Gaia Speaks (1995)

Laurance S. Rockefeller: Catalyst for Conservation (1998)

Ecology, Spirituality, and Ethics, Part 1 (2012)

Ecology, Spirituality, and Ethics, Part 2 (2012)

Josiah Royce’s Philosophy of Evil, Loyalty, Sorrow, and Atonement in Response to Probable Ecological Devastation (2013)